A further increase to widen exposure to children!

[Please request an emergency declaration to expand]

Children “20 mSv year” to protest the inhumane decision to compel the Japanese government, demanding the withdrawal to everyone, Green Action, Greenpeace Japan, Nuclear Information Center, Caring for aging nuclear Hukushima Meeting in Osaka against Ooi Takahama Mihama, the international environmental NGO FoE Japan’s call, we ask the following online petition. Dandelion is also building, and will sign the League.
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April 19, the Ministry of Education, as a measure of the amount of radiation, such as decisions on school grounds and school buildings, the criterion of 20 mSv a year, and officials notified the Board of Education in Fukushima Prefecture. This year 20 mSv, 3.8 microsievert outdoors / when the government has shown to be equivalent. Microsievert 3.8 / h, which prohibits those under age 18 work in the Labor Standards Law “radiation controlled area” (0.6 microsievert / or time) to force a child to about six times the dose, decision is very inhumane, we strongly protest against this.
20 mSv a year, comparable to doses that workers certified nuclear plant workers to develop leukemia. The maximum dose equivalent applies to the German nuclear plant workers. In addition, this criterion is not taking into account the much higher susceptibility of children than adults, and do not consider the internal exposure.
Currently, according to radiation monitoring was conducted by the Fukushima Prefecture and junior high schools, “radiation controlled area” (0.6 microsievert / or time) corresponding to 75% or More School. In addition, “exposure control areas” separate (2.3 microsievert / or time), equivalent to about 20% of schools there is also a very dangerous situation. This time, government figures showed, as well as to compel a child to this dangerous situation, would also interfere with voluntary protective measures that the school children’s exposure Osaeyou amount.
The ministry is 20 mSv, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) recommendations of the statement date Pub.109 ICRP3 and 21 “state of emergency after the convergence criteria”, a reference level based on a 1-20 mSv but, as the adoption of the cap.
21 Currently, the Japanese government with regard to decision-making process of this standard has not been disclosed nothing more specific information. Moreover, no explanation or reason that is not taken into account sensitivity and internal exposure of children. The ministry, in the Nuclear Safety Commission, consultations were held or what is not known, a very ambiguous situation (note).

We, the Japanese government to request the following.
– For children “20 mSv year” to withdraw the reference of
– For children “20 mSv,” to announce the names of experts on safety and standards of
(NOTE) April 21, government negotiations, the Nuclear Safety Commission is opening a formal meeting, to be applied to 20 mSv in a child “no problem” it was revealed. The April 22, compiled comments on the minutes of NSC is no five are members of the office to answer Mizuho Fukushima.


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