The nuclear core meltdown accident Hukushima impeachment!

Leading to the brink of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown (and it may become a reality) for the accident] [Toukyoudenryoku I tube for the administration and Democratic response can not suppress his anger. TEPCO “This is a natural disaster of earthquake and following tsunami Tohoku University” and the lack of ability to manage risk themselves to expose their own lack of sense of responsibility as a party earlier in fact, an accident just this Tsutomu Hisashi dispatched to the site while the mere flat, only the word “apology” only made. Reached the president after the accident, has become only Yakki avoiding their responsibility, without even once put a face to the public seats.
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station 40 years have passed already in first place after the operation, despite the decommissioning was decided “after 20 years all right,” Onboro reactors that had been running on the service life and ignored was. Time and again around the head of the local government, the planned initial request “decommissioning” but had been issued, it rejects TEPCO was forced thing was running.
Also the historic coastal Pacific Ocean in the Tohoku region since the early planning stages and “tsunami” that have been over at the damage, despite being pointed out was questioned its safety, “absolutely safe. A problem When the response takes into spearhead internal TEPCO officials “said it was the power plant was built with local residents and cheated. It too late “due to unexpected natural disasters” would never be an acceptable excuse and that such TEPCO.
In such anger, protest, so I found the perfect present their positive feelings I had been searching the net, we will post it as given.

The nuclear core meltdown accident Hukushima impeachment!

“Crisis management capability,” Do not let them let down by the administration to earthquake victims have lost Kan!

March ten pm, hit the entire East while causing huge tsunami that attracted massive earthquake off Miyagi. Magnitude 9.0 (initial release 8.8) was observed in the history of the world’s fourth largest earthquake in Japan’s largest, Miyagi, Fukushima, relegated to the death of thousands of people across East and other real Iwate , has brought a bitter earthquake. We the people were forced to represent death heartfelt condolences.
Moreover, in the midst of the earthquake, the building Aitsui meltdown in Unit 1 and Unit 3 nuclear power plant in Fukushima Daiichi Tokyo Electric Power (or fresh) and properties caused an explosion of hydrogen diffused into the air large amounts of radioactive material a major accident that occurred. Ten six-minute morning the fifteenth day of March even after the sky fell into a state of twice-fired the nuclear power plant Unit 2, an explosion damaged part of the suppression pool reactor containment vessel at last, a high concentration of radioactive material Tachiitatsu a state of emergency that leak.
But that is not. Eight minutes nine past one p.m. Monday the fifteenth day of March, the hydrogen gas explosion or fire has occurred in Unit 4 of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant during routine maintenance. Ten past ten p.m. minutes this morning, ten thousand of micro Sievert per hour forty from the building wall material scattered around the No. 4 No. 3, it was observed that radiation doses high enough to damage a large number of white blood cells (x did not announce the cause of this radiation dose at the time when the three governments together Toukyoudenryoku five pm.)
Only in Japan nuclear reactor core meltdown accident in the first of these is “earthquake country” nothing less than a major event in this Uenaku highlighted the dangers of nuclear power in Japan.
This nuclear catastrophe, and was directly triggered the tsunami earthquake, however, but “natural disaster” is absolutely does not. After all, despite the well have been expected from past cases to the invasion of the giant tsunami and earthquake-prone zone, TEPCO capitalist “unexpected situation” to abandon their responsibilities and so I asked It is desperate. Here, you are not exposed to capital crimes TEPCO has been neglected and abandoned the anti-earthquake measures essentially ignored the tsunami.
Alliance Our while neglecting the anti-accident measures “Earthquake Safety” However expose Tsutoni the criminal nature of previous administrations and our capitalist production plant primary financier Japanese power has been flowing sauce mythology, the dangers of nuclear power the alarm has been battered. Right now, the risk of this primary, I was Exposed to people around the world in the form of the worst earthquake in the midst of unprecedented. Inexcusable anymore. Immediately halt all nuclear case! People of all workers are now covered up the situation, anger problems beating us and keep saying no government monopoly capitalists do not fight against the wave of the primary love Arashi.
Kan government and our capitalist TEPCO Electric Power has continued to hide the reality of dumb leak radioactive nuclear reactor core melt. The cases disturbs not only the moving second response measures to the whole moving second earthquake in the late measures not only in this primary care, they just have let down the hundreds of thousands of people were affected. Never forgive! All workers are people angry at government slammed Kono Suga, let us help the people of disaster relief. We struggle with people of all workers.

Immediately halt all nuclear case

Suppression pool occurred in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power Unit II (pressure suppression chamber is directly connected to the reactor containment vessel – lower left figure) damage, which has caused some damage to the containment vessel itself
Nothing less than a state of emergency and can speculate. With the ongoing meltdown has finally, they have been scattered into the air to scatter radioactive material damage to a large amount of highly concentrated pressure suppression chamber. Working people, the tsunami earthquake disaster after it has been exposed now for fear of accidental contamination of large amounts of radioactive material even nuclear.

The internal structure of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant damaged Unit 2 reactor containment felt

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant building that exploded blown hydrogen. Unit 3, which is blown like smoke and the steam (center), No. 1 blew in house building on July 12 left (11 o'clock am on March 14)

Hydrogen explosion in the reactor building at the No. 1 nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi (six minutes Tokizou Zyuuzou last twelve days in March), hydrogen explosion in the building at the No. 3 as (min one ten last fourteen days), and Pressure control room said the No. 2 last (containment vessel) damage. … These incidents have occurred in Aitsui the meltdown (the meltdown) and because of nothing else but the worst of the biggest first-ever nuclear accident in Japan. [In the event of an explosion and fire of hydrogen in the storage facility of spent nuclear fuel of Unit 4, four of the building the No. 4 stops the pump to supply cooling water to the pool to cool the spent fuel had been placed on the fifth floor , issued a high fever simply because spent nuclear fuel, including plutonium. ]
All these causes is that the damage suffered by the tsunami emergency diesel generator. No longer operate emergency core cooling system by now not move at all emergency generator, rapidly decreasing water level in the reactor pressure vessel as a result, exposed from the water a collection of nuclear fuel in the reactor core. Yes soaring eighty two degrees the temperature of the fuel assembly continued to be in this state, began to melt the zirconium alloy nuclear fuel to cover the last. It has properties caused the so-called core melt accident. – Unit 3, Unit 1 hydrogen explosion blew the house in an instant the thick, concrete and rebar construction covered in a containment vessel control room, the zirconium alloy is heated to cover the fuel rods, zirconium reacts with water to the mass Hydrogen is generated by the building that had accumulated in the leaking out of the containment pipe and letting them profit from this. Unit 2 accident, proceeded by the famine and Jitai meltdown in the reactor core cooling water, finally the core (nuclear reactor pressure vessel) and led to the speculation may cause damage to the bottom.
Oyon a serious accident at this level of emergency, government and capitalists Kan TEPCO without revealing the reality of the situation of radioactive contamination accident, the meltdown, “possible” only reluctantly admits. Kan regime, “the people not to fall into panic,” but Usobuki with the reality of the accident without disclosing information that continues to hide information and information control. Ground Self-defense Force special weapons center in emergency emergency operation center (Omiya) to mobilize, but they are just rob them solely to collect information, work overall injecting water for cooling the reactor core not to mobilize. While we work to rob the water injection pump trucks have only two sets of identical units, but a settlement has been suspended as they occur and work to building a hydrogen explosion.
Now, that progress against core meltdown accident occurred in Aitsui administration Kan TEPCO and other capital infusion keeps the ad hoc cases disturbs water intermittently without any countermeasures are unable to support Ochiitsu. Exactly a “crisis-management skills:” We are missing the loss to the world Sarakedashi. TEPCO official capital “unexpected incidents” recognition of the show, as if by earthquake tsunami, “natural disaster” if it shows a recognition that, to justify their lack of safety measures . It is also similar Kan government.
However, our alliances, and many scholars and conscientious, as the alarm has been battered Tsutoni So far, the nuclear power capital are driving all the anti-Japanese anti-earthquake tsunami which have been O座Nari. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant reactor core meltdown accident that this has become impossible due to a faulty core cooling emergency diesel generator suffered a tsunami, in particular, do not measure loss of Sarakedashita tsunami vividly. “Unexpected” self-justification that the government and TEPCO officials and Kan, do not prove the opposite of that. Absolutely can not forgive anymore. Manufacturing plant workers are people with primary equity capital Tokyo Electric Power (Toshiba, Hitachi, and other heavy electrical Mitsubishizyuukou heavy capital) and Kan 叩Kitsukeyo angry at the administration!
After all, TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant second, TEPCO Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant, nuclear Onagawa Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power Company’s nuclear plant at Hamaoka as well, most of Japan’s nuclear facilities “earthquake zone” has been installed. In the Pacific Ocean seafloor plate, Eurasian plate, North American Plate, the Philippine Sea plate Hishimekiai complex, in areas prone to earthquake and tsunami, but the tumors are located. Nevertheless, previous administrations and the current heavy weight of our equity capital capitalist power, without assuming any of the potential for large earthquakes such as this gigantic tsunami, the anti-earthquake, tsunami, especially if we measure the real it was not.
In the event fell into the TEPCO Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant outage is fully hit by the earthquake in Niigata Prefecture, already seven thousand and two, “earthquake country” was clearly highlighted the dangers of nuclear power in Japan. TEPCO also capitalist government and the LDP Immediately after completing the “cause of the transformer fire. The problem with the safety of nuclear power plant construction is not designed” to justify such a dumb they have to hide the lack of anti-earthquake measures.
This, despite the event of hydrogen explosion building occurs and core meltdown accident at the No. 3 No. 1 nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi, capitalist TEPCO itself pressure vessel injury is not a great body too leakage of radioactive material “impact “The thing about giving is not to insist. It also has to swallow the government Kan. But what is really true. The Usoppachi of the word, that in itself testifies to the importance of Unit 2 may therefore infer damage to the pressure vessel itself is not it?
Unit 1 plant is aging already lasting four decades since the start of the year one thousand seven hundred ninety-one operation. Unit 3, as aging (the start of operations in six thousand seven hundred ninety-one) was mixed with enriched uranium for power generation plutonium MOX has been used to generate electricity that is downright dangerous to use MOX fuel operation. Originally more than four decades is worse when the LDP design criteria have been useful life three decades, that the continued operation of the plant are those aged accordingly. Already has many of the aging nuclear power plant in Japan each, which is a variety of properties caused an accident that one of the reasons. Kiwamarinai it downright dangerous.
The runaway capitalists have heavy equipment and power our government, “Japan’s nuclear power technology in the world,” “primary” safety myth, such as the nuclear reactor core meltdown accident in the midst of this Fukushima earthquake east was completely collapsed . The government has the power of capital case immediately stop all nuclear power stations? Kan Do not let the government never exposed to radiation life-threatening local residents, made a desperate secret information! Turkey, and Vietnam to the “private sector together” in a nuclear export permit? You Hashi people all workers uprising in the fight against nuclear power now removed. Our alliance must be at the beginning of the fight.

Do not let the government let down the people affected by Kan

Kan Sarakedashi government incompetence are just preoccupied with dealing in anti-nuclear accident is not an ad hoc basis. Earthquake In an unprecedented measure to “crisis management capability,” the loss of overall Sarakedashi, they have let down the people Muzamuza millions of workers were affected.
Kan regime immediately after the occurrence of large earthquakes tsunamis have been preoccupied with moving second moving second response. After all, the invasion of the giant tsunami, Miyagi, Iwate, Aomori municipalities across the Rias coast, Miyagi continued shallow sea, and the birth of victim hit by devastating large municipalities are both Fukushima, after can be expected from. The government should take a hold of the reality of a regional disaster victims by mobilizing reconnaissance planes fully utilizing the information communication network has the power to the Japanese military. Despite the government Kan is not immediately established contact network information local authorities to integrate the police prefectures of Japan military government. Well, even though the scene is conducting himself Okonaubeki Kan placed directly under the front of government headquarters for earthquake disaster First of all, Kan is on a settlement that Funzorikaetsu Prime Minister’s Office (once the helicopter just sloppy inspections performed.) Measures in the field is basically left up to each county police and local authorities, government is the only prime minister has become obsessed with information control information ON THE secret nuclear catastrophe. – And the anti-nuclear accident, the fifteenth day of March and also established a task force of government and TEPCO integration, it is a whopping five days after the earthquake earnest.
The military regime Kan Japan – belatedly – and people mobilized to rescue disaster victims, although it is also the first hundred fifty people, then two million people, five million, one million people Yes only has a small troop surge gradually. Moreover, the Japanese armed forces were mobilized, helicopters Kakemeguri circles in the air around, it is only from the air to rescue the victims was found. Only half did not even drop of relief supplies. Despite the massive relief to be supplied to the fuel water, food, bedding and medicine to the affected people in each municipality is divided into isolated shreds road and rail network of information and communication more than anything else.
And even the Japanese military forces were dispatched to the affected areas from the ground, the agency “also caused a tsunami,” that information (possibly misinformation) as soon as shed, hastily fleeing misery.
Government Kan victims (dead), but – with regard to the number of first, hundreds of people Yes Yes Yes two then, and “missing persons” and tens of thousands, have announced in a direction to increase gradually. Kobe earthquake (January in five thousand nine hundred ninety-one) when, at the time Murayama, “LDP, Japan Socialist Party, Sakigake,” announced that little by little the number of victims killed by the coalition – which relief delay debacle that led to “lessons learned” despite there.
Taiwan’s Lee Teng-hui administration at the Sai of Taiwan Earthquake, the Great Hanshin Earthquake of this “moral” to taking advantage, sending thousands of troops to the disaster area one Yes, a large lot will be dropped parachute troops relief carried out at once. Compared to this administration, Kan “lessons learned” There is not any learning, and is nothing more than to take corresponding measures on the spot In moving second moving second. Principal Kan, unprecedented “national crisis” in the mouth breakthrough, but shouting, time being power struggle between the parties and the ruling by the earthquake east of this “truce”, and privately that led the head of his It is gloating. Not even think of the people suffering abysmal despair are to me also lost homes and families affected, and.
Do not challenging nor what crime they let down the people’s government for what damage these Kan. Because of these government support measures, the People’s millions of workers affected by the forced isolation of each region still today, by the lack of absolute hunger relief under the cold of winter, no being forced to die. Sonoueni have suffered a disaster such as a chain of secondary and tertiary big fire. In addition, fear of being exposed to radioactive contamination due to the expansion stroke TEPCO nuclear accident.
Kan regime exactly, is trying to uncover the true nature of people in anti-earthquake measures in anti-nuclear accident. Are also severely hit by the Japanese imperialist economy Hukushima nuclear catastrophe earthquake east of this. Earthquake as a measure of “reconstruction” ON THE government spending increases of stroke, Kan regime as a pretext by which the expansion of the national budget deficit Ugh First there must have been scheming to push for tax increases in other major tax increase or tax . We never allow such a scheme the government but not Kan.
“Crisis management capability,” Do not let them let down the people affected by the Japanese government has lost! Kan government rescue victims immediately! Kan expose crimes of the regime and allow the people affected by radioactivity! Now we are firmly in solidarity with the affected people should be impeached for the war against the government uprising Kan.
(Fifteenth day of March one thousand one hundred and two)

Organ revolutionary Marxist group Revolutionary Communists Union “liberated” from the 2160 first issue.


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